1110 Grinnell Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19803
302 478 5428


1994 - Present
Independent Museum Consultant, Historical Upholsterer, Wilmington, Delaware
Providing expertise and execution of historical upholstery for museums, private collectors, auction houses, and dealers; expertise and brokering of fine and decorative arts; scholarly lectures; principal furniture lecturer at Sotheby’s Educational Studies; consulting to museums.

Curator of Furniture, The Henry Francis du Pont 
Winterthur Museum, Winterthur, Delaware
Managed the furniture collection. Acquired over 100 objects. Planned and wrote story lines for major installations in new exhibition wing. Taught connoisseurship course in furniture in the Winterthur Program for Early American Culture, affiliated with the University of Delaware. Contributor to Winterthur Magazine and to first changing exhibition, “Eye for Excellence.”

Curator of Collections, The Connecticut Historica Society, Hartford, Connecticut
Undertook reorganization and reinstallation of eight major galleries, including three permanent galleries. Renovation to storage areas. Mounted over 20 changing exhibitions, including “New London County Joined Chairs 1720-1790.” Planned and executed major campaign of deaccessioning inappropriate collections. Oversaw registrar, curatorial assistant.

Research Associate, Department of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Coordinated and made principal contributions to landmark exhibition and 504-object catalogue, “New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century.” Acquired over 40 objects for the permanent collection.
Guest Curator, New Haven Colony Historical Society, New Haven, Connecticut
Primary responsibility for exhibition and catalogue, “Hearts & Crowns -- Folk Chairs of the Connecticut Coast.”

NEH Fellow, Department of American Art, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut


Consultant at Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on cataloguing collection and conservation.

Consultant at Reynolda House, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on historic reconstruction of 1917 upholstery treatments of thirty pieces of furniture, based on documentation and period photographs.

Consultant at the Trent House, Trenton, New Jersey, on upholstery and on furnishings plan.

Consultant at the Ipswich Historical Society, Ipswich, Massachusetts, on reinterpreting the Whipple House.

Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and  Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
One of two principal consultants providing concepts and texts for reinstallation of American collections. Co-curator of the exhibition “Puritan Classicism: Seventeenth-Century Cupboards of Essex County, Massachusetts.”

Sotheby’s, New York
Structuring and principal furniture lectures in American Arts course in Sotheby’s Educational Studies. Object entries for sales catalogues.

Christie’s, New York
Object entries for sales catalogues.

“The Crucible,” set design in Ipswich, Massachusetts
Provided historical background and control for reconstructed seventeenth-century village and furnishings for movie sets.

United States Senate, Washington, D. C.
Examined collections and furnished report on future goals for projected Capitol Preservation Committee chaired by Walter Joseph Stewart, former Secretary of the Senate.

Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia
Examined furniture made by African-American cabinetmakers of the Mulberry Row shop and provided upholstery for eleven chairs purchased by Jefferson in Paris in the 1780s.

Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia
Provided comprehensive specifications for conserving the original upholstery of furniture used in the White House of the Confederacy 1861-1865.

Eddy Nicholson (Private Collector)
Provided acquisitions, conservation, design, and installation for a major collector. An auction catalogue documenting most of the acquisitions was published by Christie’s, New York, in January 1995. Some of the objects were sold directly to the Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, Saugus, Massachusetts
Planned, wrote, and helped implement furnishings plan for Iron Master’s House, built in 1678.

Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia
One-year consultation for acquisitions, resulting in five major purchases.


Ph. D. candidate, American Studies (ABD), Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

M. A., University of Delaware, Winterthur Program

Thesis: “The Joiners and Joinery of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1630-1730”

B. A., Art History, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, Magna Cum Laude, PBK


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