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Boston Baroque Easy Chairs, 1705-1740

Luke Beckerdite, ed., American Furniture 2012 (Milwaukee: Chipstone Foundation, 2012), forthcoming.

This annual publication features the best of the best in scholarly work on the subject of antique American furniture and its influences.Articles in this volume include: The Hands that Rocked the Cradle: Interpretations in the Life of an Object by R. Ruthie Dibble; ¿The one Mrs. Trist would chuse¿: Thomas Jefferson, the Trist Family, and the Monticello Campeachy Chair by Sumpter Priddy III, Adam T. Erby, and Jenna Huffman; The Kahle-Henson School of Punched-Tin Paneled Furniture by Kurt C. Russ and Jeffrey S. Evans; and the Boston Baroque Easy Chairs, 1705-1740 by Robert F. Trent. The volume ends with selected book reviews. ¿ William Lightfoot Price: His Furniture and Its Context - Robert Edwards. Bookseller Inventory # 001893

“Introduction,” Jennie Alexander and Peter Follansbee, Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th-Century Joinery, (Fort Mitchell KY: Lost Art Press, 2012), p. vii.

Jennie Alexander (author), Peter Follansbee (author)

Jennie Alexander and Peter Follansbee, with an introduction by Robert F. Trent. Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th-Century Joinery. Fort Mitchell, Ky.: Lost Art Books, 2012. x + 115 pp.; numerous color illus., line drawings, glossary, bibliography, index.

Connecticut Valley Furniture by Eliphalet Chapin And His Contemporaries, 1750-1800: (Hardcover - Nov. 15, 2005)

Thomas P.Kugelman,(Author), Alice K. Kugelman (Author), Robert F. Trent (Author), Philip D. Zimmerman (Author), Susan Schoelwer (Editor), Patricia E. Kane (Foreword), Robert Lionetti (Collaborator, Editor)

Connecticut Valley Furniture offers the first-ever systematic framework for classifying eighteenth-century Connecticut case furniture - high chests, dressing tables, desks, bureaus, chests-on-chests. Nearly two hundred illustrated entries present the findings of the Hartford Case Furniture Study, an extensive field study of over five hundred regional examples conducted over fourteen years by independent furniture scholars.

The Concord Museum: Decorative Arts from a New England Collection (Paperback- Oct 1996)

David F. Wood (Editor), David L. Barquist (Author), Nancy Goyne Evans (Author), Brock Jobe (Author), J. David Bohl (Photographer), Marissa Morra (Author), Robert F. Trent (Author), Philip Zea (Author), Gerald W. R. Ward (Author)

 160 pp. Illus. with color & b/w photos. Includes 60 in-depth entries, prepared by some of the foremost American researchers, that examine 100 decorative arts objects - case furniture, tables, seating furniture, clocks, looking glasses, textiles, ceramics, and metal ware- from the important collection at the Concord Museum. For each object the authors give detailed information about provenance, construction, condition, dimensions, and materials, as well as extensive references. Printed by the Stinehour Press.

American Furniture With Related Decorative Arts, 1660-1830: The Milwaukee Art Museum and the Layton Art Collection

by Brock W. Jobe, Gerald W.R. Ward, Thomas S. Michie, Jayne H. Stokes

This authoritative reference book covers by chapter: The Seventeenth Century: Furniture in the New World - The Seventeenth Century (catalog entries 1-18); The William and Mary Style: The Early Baroque in Colonial America – The William and Mary Style (catalog entries 19-41); The Queen Anne Style: The Late Baroque in Colonial America – The Queen Anne style (catalog entries 42-58); American Chippendale: Change and Persistence in Revolutionary America – American Chippendale (catalog entries 59-77); The Federal Style: Neoclassicism in the New Nation – The Federal Style (catalog entries 78-113); Appendix A: Identification of Woods in the Furniture Collection; Appendix B: Ethafoam Treatment for a Boston Easy Chair; Bibliography; Index; Photograph Credits; and Notes on the Authors. Major authorities in the filed have provided the general essays on the various periods, as well as detailed entries on each example of furniture; additional specialists have written about the related metal, ceramic, and textile objects of the kind used in American homes of the period.

Eye for Excellence: Masterworks from Winterthur (Paperback - 1994)

By Donald L Fennimore (Author), Robert F Trent (Author), E Mc Sherry Fowble (Author)

A richly-illustrated catalog featuring the best of the museum's collection, according to its own curators. Arranged by category (metalwork, glass, ceramics, furniture, textiles and embroidery, paintings and prints, books and manuscripts), with short introductory essays and detailed information on each object illustrated

New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century; 3 Volume Set (Paperback - 1982)

By Jonathan L. Fairbanks (Author) and Robert F Trent (Author)

The three volume set includes: 1. Introduction / Migration and Settlement (98 objects described and illustrated in black and white, 7 figures, and 7 color plates); 2. Mentality and Environment (284 objects described and illustrated in black and white, 29 figures, and 8 color plates); 3. Style (122 objects described and illustrated in black and white, 48 figures, and 16 color plates).

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