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Philadelphia Queen Anne Easy ChairPhiladelphia Queen Anne Easy Chair

The Queen Anne is much broader in the rear and narrower in the front than a comparable Chippendale chair of thirty years later. The lower back has two rails, the upper one is the original, indicating how high the super-fat cushion was. C-scroll panels on arms have extremely steep ramps, and the heavy 1740s Queen Anne leg has a paneled or lambrequin foot. This one dates about 1740; not popular with collectors, who only want Chippendale with claw-and-ball feet and carved leaves on the knees.

The edge roll on wing and arm creates a well for the stuffing and creates a boxed edge for a border panel. The point of the top linen is to draw down the horsehair stuffing in tension and adjust shapes. Over this goes the cotton wadding to suppress pokey ends of horsehair and the silk velvet covers and silk binding tape over cord on most seams. The tape protected projecting edges from wearing, just as it did on the edges of period clothing.

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William and Mary Easy ChairWilliam and Mary Easy Chair

Sewing the panels on this fragile material was difficult. Machine-woven spanish stuff with hemp warp and weft, and fragile wool top threads that smelled like rotten burlap.

Once the material was sewn on three sides, all that remained were the two arm panels and some tidying up under the front seat rail.

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Russian Leather Side and Arm CharisRussian Leather Side Chairs and Armchairs

The armchair required new brass nail patterns. Unfortunately, the spacing required an odd number of nails going across, whereas the side chairs all had an even number going across and thus straddled the center line.

The outside back was lined with antique linen. In the seat: edge roll, coir (coconut mat), horsehair picked in layers, top linen.

The stitched seat requires that you stitch through the top linen and leather covers before you stuff the seat around the stitched area. Then you tack down the top linen, then wet and tack the leather.


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