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Boston 1705 Easy Chair Reproduction

Period Square Leather Stool

William and Mary Green Easy Chair

This is three-year-old experimental moreen and has extraordinary stretch in the warp. The more recent stuff by Kate Smith at Eaton Hill is tighter, If you pull this stuff not enough, it's loose, if too much, the fabric opens up. The tape is loose too.

William and Mary Gold Easy Chair

Like most New England chairs, stuffed skinny with a fat cushion. The level of workmanship and quality of materials here are much better than the period ones.

Philadelphia Queen Anne Easy Chair

The Queen Anne is much broader in the rear and narrower in the front than a comparable Chippendale chair of thirty years later.

William and Mary Easy Chair

Sewing the panels on this fragile material was difficult. Machine-woven spanish stuff with hemp warp and weft, and fragile wool top threads that smelled like rotten burlap

Russian Leather Side Chairs and Armchairs

The armchair required new brass nail patterns. Unfortunately, the spacing required an odd number of nails going across, whereas the side chairs all had an even number going across and thus straddled the center line.


We always loved dinosaurs, one of our favorite groups of images. Art history and the decorative arts provide others. The screens are hand-drawn, rather than photo-emulsion, and the screening is executed by hand with a squeegee. Obviously, it is in juxtaposing and overlapping images that the irrationality and amusement of Trentshirts emerges.

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