About RFTrent

As an independent museum consultant, RF Trent provides expertise and execution of historical upholstery for museums, private collectors, auction houses and dealers, with experience in the brokering of fine and decorative arts.

Recently launched is TrentShirts, unique and one-of-a-kind graphic Tshirts based on a variety of motifs.

Furniture Restoration

Russian LeatherRecent projects have included a period piece leather stool, a Jennie Alexander reed seat chair, Queen Anne easy chairs, Queen Anne leather chairs, a set of Russian leather side chairs, and a William & Mary easy chair.

As a principal furniture lecturer at Sotheby’s Educational Studies, RF Trent provides consulting to museums and scholarly lectures upon request.

He has worked as a consultant with the Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on cataloguing collection and conservation, and with the Reynolda House, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on historic reconstruction of 1917 upholstery treatments of thirty pieces of furniture, based on documentation and period photographs.


TrentShirtTRENTSHIRTS are based on a variety of motifs drawn from childhood and professional experience.

We have recently begun creating custom shirts for specific clients who requested certain images and captions. Please contact us with your special requests.

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